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heat rash remedies that are cool :D

So it’s getting warmer (understatement a bit) and it’s the time when all sorts of strange ailments start to creep into your lifestyle and throw you for a loop… like HEAT RASH! Sometimes called prickly heat or sweat rash, miliaria (scientific name) is a commonly bothersome heat-related (as the name suggests) ailment. It’s especially common […]

why isn’t my mattress vegan?!

Recently it has come to my attention that mattresses are not, actually, vegan. It’s a completely random revelation and it’s also rather surprising in the sense that you think you’re lying on a pile of dead wood, springs (unless you’re one of the Tempurpedic privileged few) and some sort of synthetic or plant-based filling. Well… […]

if you’re not vegan everyday you’re not vegan at all

I’ve been vegan for awhile now– happily subsisting on various vegan-related diets from raw to junk food all in the name of cruelty-free goodness!  Despite trying to stay connected in the community, in recent months I’ve been moving more online with my vegan kula* fix (which is easier with the new tiny adorable person in […]


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