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abundant thinking for parents (part 1)

Sometimes it takes a reboot of perspective to help us see where we can become better and more attuned to what is important. Possibly the most important area where this can happen is with money and our relationship to it. As anyone raising children can attest, money is an important and necessary aspect of having […]

DIY Baby Wrap

When I was a little girl, my mom used to make everything herself from dolls to clothing and more. As an adult I look back on her craftiness and ingenuity fondly and seek to do more of that myself. While these days my mom and family would rather buy it than make it (or even […]

you don’t want your kids inheriting your money issues, do you?

Sit down for a moment and think about your finances. Are your finances where you want them to be? Are you rolling in tons of green? Are you in debt to the point where you feel crushing financial obligation? Do you feel like you’re making enough at your job? Do you feel like you’re even […]

the quandary of budding bullying

For reasons that would probably consume a memoir, my kid divulges all the dirt of the school day to my mom but generally keeps mum when it comes to telling me what’s going on. As my partner says, I don’t ask the right questions but memoir length equivocations aside, it came to my attention that […]

your name doesn’t determine your ability to be ridiculed by assholes

I’ve posted previously about naming your kid and I stand by my original proclamation: what the hell is in a name but our own vanities and expectations?  Really people, what is in a name? What is your investment in the naming of my child? Why do you care so much about what I name my […]

placenta options

So you’d like to preserve your placenta somehow… There are lots of options for preserving the placenta and once you settle on which one you would like (or why not try them all if you can?) then you’ll need instructions and a plan of action. Placenta preservation is a time sensitive matter so you will […]

losing your cool

It’s a commonly accepted notion that parents aren’t perfect. Hell, any person on earth can rattle off an embarrassingly long list of the imperfections their parents carry whether those parents are living or dead and despite the retrospective glorification of the passed.  And yet, as a parent, it sucks to know you aren’t perfect and […]

Halloween Girls vs Halloween Boys

Sure it’s a cute cartoon meant to poke fun at the slutty-whatever-for-Halloween trend, but it’s pretty true that the selection for girls’ costumes and Halloween wear is rather feminine, totally gender-biased, and well lends itself to objectification. As if this costume has anything to do with the my little pony it’s based on especially when […]

ya’ll gonna make me lose my mind

needlepoint can be fun!  And why shouldn’t it be? 🙂 For your craft-time listening (in case good ole DMX didn’t start playing in your head immediately):

kids eat too much salt

Unsurprisingly, American children are eating too much salt says the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) (pdf). As the word has spread round the web, on various news outlets, it seems rather easy to target the risky group of overweight and obese children (isn’t that just terrible to read? it was terrible to write it) but […]


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