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In this day and age, it’s really quite a challenge to avoid consumption. So instead of beating yourself up for consuming, be a better consumer. Make investments in things that will take you out of the consumption cycle or that will improve your day to day experience exponentially despite “feeding the consumption beast” so to speak. 🙂 So when you’re pregnant, there are so many things that people tell you to get for all sorts of things but you really don’t need very much to be a happy, healthy, pregnant momma. With that said, here are some of my favorite items for pregnancy that don’t cost a lot, make your life a billion times better, can be re-gifted or re-used post pregnancy and/or you can make yourself.

1. Camelbak Water Bottle

This water bottle is perfect for the mom having trouble getting enough water. No really, it’s perfect. The ease of a mostly spill proof water bottle makes this preferable to a glass or jug or even Nalgene bottle that is far from klutz proof (I would know!). The re-usable nature of the water bottle makes it an eco-friendly choice along with the fact that it’s BPA free. The spout at the top folds down nicely, there’s a handy handle to carry your drink with you and the crowning glory of the water bottle is the fact that you actually drink the water.

How many times have you optimistically brought along a water bottle swearing you’re going to finish it before you get home and not even touch it? Maybe it’s just me but I tend to do that often. So this water bottle actually made me drink like crazy and it’s because it’s so easy! I don’t even need hands and if you have a little one in your care (or you drive a lot) you definitely don’t need to worry about spilling! The downside is the size as I wish it held a lot more water but if needing to refill the water bottle too much is the downside, that is really a positive because I am drinking the water. Price is about $19.95

2. Belly Wedge

This isn’t really necessary but it felt so good to me during my pregnancy. Nothing seemed to help keep my belly from feeling strained and a pillow just never fit right along with blankets that wound up everywhere but supportive. I didn’t want to spend $100 on a full body pregnancy pillow when I knew that I would be co-sleeping with my baby (and was co-sleeping with my other child) and one day happened on this gem at Babies R Us (getting a car seat- wish there was a better way to reduce, reuse, and recycle with the carseats- ick!) and found this. I was pretty anti-everything but for $10 I had myself a hallelujah and I’m pretty sure this was the best $10 I spent all pregnancy.

3. Kombucha 2000 Ginger Brew

As far as kombucha is concerned, I am always a fan of it. As far as ginger is concerned, when you feel nauseous (as is wont to happen when you’re with child) it eases your stomach and nausea and has even been found to do so better than drugs. Plus there’s beneficial bacteria for your gut and digestion and liver and it’s not so cleansing and intense that you can no longer drink it. The alcohol, while present, is negligible, and the caffeine, while present is not overwhelming (if you feel it at all). Kombucha is all good for you! Of course, if you are allergic to alcohol, caffeine, or don’t regularly consume kombucha I”m not going to tell you to take up the habit while you’re pregnant but if you’re already an avid consumer like me, then go for it. ANYWAY- this was liquid gold for me as I felt like crap 90% of the time and couldn’t make it through my day without the stuffs- ginger being brewed into it already made this extra perfect. I highly recommend getting your hands on this brand in particular (though any will do or your favorite if you’re not a fan) and if you want more than a little bottle (which runs anywhere from $2.50 - $5.00) you can order jugs from the Kombucha 2000 site.

4. Maxi Dress

Somehow I’m always pregnant in the summer and it’s terrible and I have butt sweat and I just want to be naked but I feel weird because my belly is huge and the skin hurts… so maxi dresses are my best friend. Additionally, the “maternity clothes” (doesn’t the name sound terrible? it does to me…) are ugly and unflattering and expensive. You can buy cheap ones or used ones which is better than spending hundreds of dollars on a new wardrobe you’ll quickly discard but why when you can make it yourself or modify your existing clothes? Maxis are great post-partum as well! This DIY Maxi dress tutorial is excellent because honestly who wants to spend upwards of $40 on a new dress they will hate by the time baby is 6 months? Even if you spend $40 on fabric, the cool thing about using your own fabric is that you can release the stitches and make your own wrap later when you hate this dress and want to burn it because you just need to… And this “pattern” will fit any body size with or without baby, pre- or post-partum, and you don’t have to go to a specialty store that is going to rip you off for being human and doing human things.


While I could have the list go on, the point is to buy less! You really don’t need much of anything when you’re pregnant because it’s just you! This is such a short period of time that to buy a bunch of pregnancy related crap only to discard it shortly thereafter is wasteful and unnecessary. If I were to tell you to buy anything else it would be totally expensive life investment stuff like a blender but that’s an entirely different post altogether. 🙂

Happy baby-making!

- Radical mommy Sarah


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