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mama whale adopts orphaned calf

In the news recently is a mama right whale who adopted an orphaned calf lurking about the area where she and her little one were hanging out. While we talk often of human mommies and lady stuffs, it’s nice to look outside our species at the charities and sweet instinctual love of mommies from all […]

an ode to boobies and milk

There is nothing that brings me as much joy as nursing my babies. Sure, sometimes it is challenging but there is something so special about those moments that they wholly outweigh the momentary frustrations. It does suck(le) that my boobs are extra milky and leak all over everything making laundry a bitch and causing me […]

bleeding belly buttons on babies

As a new parent or a parent that hasn’t parented a baby in awhile, you may find that you have all these questions you should know the answers to but don’t. One of those “shouldn’t you know it” questions and concerns is when your baby’s umbilical cord falls off, should there be blood? Here is […]

play by Lawrence Cohen

Here are two lovely quotes by Lawrence Cohen. As I had no idea who this person was before reading these quotes, here’s a primer from his website Lawrence J. Cohen, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist specializing in children’s play and play therapy. He is also a speaker and consultant to public and independent schools, […]

what’s in a name?

Sometimes it’s weird being so “granola” as you develop or expunge a fetus from your womb. Granola being the preferred term for people like me who don’t blindly walk into the hospital or OB’s office accepting this is the best and only way to do birth and parenting. Granola being the weirdo who thinks cloth […]

coffee makes me wistful

In a former life, I used to drink coffee and sit in cafes until I literally couldn’t stand it any longer or had somewhere else to be. I would just write and write while listening to music through my headphones or perhaps indulging in the background chatter of the shop absolutely infatuated with my anonymity […]

guy goes through fake labor

I LOVE this. It’s hard to explain labor to anyone who hasn’t gone through it, but hey, validation for the experience is validation. Even though labor isn’t supposed to be painful like the media makes it out to be (pain is usually an indication of something else like fear, anxiety, or complications), it’s very cool […]

children of hoarders

I have watched a few of those Hoarders shows and seen the kids that are stuck within the cluttered walls of hell their parents devolved in to. I always wondered what happened to those kids- when it gets that extreme, how do they cope? It reminds me of knowing that children of overweight parents are […]

beyond baby mamas: conversations with women of color

Here’s an interesting concept via a nifty blog by Stacia L Brown on being a single mother of color in America. With the slut-shaming that many women (especially those who wind up single) are subjected to with the burdens of being “of color” in a predominantly white, heterosexist, and patriarchal culture, this should be an […]

pacifiers can stunt emotional growth of boys

For the “well I’ll be damned” story of the week, here’s a fun one from science daily talking about how “heavy pacifier use” among boys can stunt emotional growth! If you’ve ever had a child, you might have watched as they sat and made faces in a play mirror or copied the expressions on your […]


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