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When I realized there was no justice

The first time I realized that there was no such thing as justice may have come much later than most. Maybe it came earlier than most depending on which side of the proverbial “tracks” you stand on. Regardless, there was plenty beforehand that may have made me feel unfairly targeted while simultaneously feeling like I […]

check your privilege

Pledge of Responsibility for Privilege and Transformation

Occasionally I think of things I’ve thought, said, or done in the past and it’s so embarrassing to me how offensive or ignorant I must have come off (because I was offensive and ignorant even though I didn’t mean to be an asshole). I know I had good intentions but it doesn’t erase the fact […]


Looking more deeply at the Future…

When Future released the “The Percocet & Stripper Joint” video single, immediately the name triggered the knee-jerk impulse to feel offput about glorified prescription drug abuse— opioid abuse— and objectification of women. Because DUH, right? PERCOCET REFERENCE ERHMAGERD & STRIPPER JOINT SO BLASÉ OBVS MISOGYNISTIC! Thankfully I resisted the urge to continue along in this […]


Why I Stayed not Why He Abused

By now perhaps you’ve heard about the Baltimore Ravens dropping Ray Rice from the team and his subsequent suspension from the NFL because of his physical abuse of now-wife Janay Palmer. Perhaps you’ve also heard that Twitter has a related, trending hashtag, #WhyIStayed and its counterpart #WhyILeft. While it’s enticing to talk about all the […]


heat rash remedies that are cool :D

So it’s getting warmer (understatement a bit) and it’s the time when all sorts of strange ailments start to creep into your lifestyle and throw you for a loop… like HEAT RASH! Sometimes called prickly heat or sweat rash, miliaria (scientific name) is a commonly bothersome heat-related (as the name suggests) ailment. It’s especially common […]


the last of us - a feminist perspective

The Last of Us- a highly anticipated and positively reviewed (unanimous 10s?) game- came out on Tuesday and has been in the PS3 since then. Some of you out there have probably already beaten the game or at least progressed way beyond where full time job and two kids allows you to progress to but […]

my son with his great grandpa before his passing. :)

speaking on death

My eldest child happened to be born at a time when death surrounded our family. Within the span of a year or so, almost 8 people left their physical bodies behind (older and younger family members). Recently, that has happened again. In between those 6 years of dealing with death, veganism happened to me which […]


why isn’t my mattress vegan?!

Recently it has come to my attention that mattresses are not, actually, vegan. It’s a completely random revelation and it’s also rather surprising in the sense that you think you’re lying on a pile of dead wood, springs (unless you’re one of the Tempurpedic privileged few) and some sort of synthetic or plant-based filling. Well… […]


On Tragedy and The Boston Marathon

On April 15, something horrifying, cruel, insane, tragic happened- the finish line at the Boston Marathon was bombed. And not just the finish line but elsewhere too! This senseless act of utter depraved gore really struck chords with me- there’s been so much senseless life taking these past few years (decades? centuries? millennium?) that a […]


Bioshock is like… bioSHOCKING

So the new game in the PS3 is… BIOSHOCK. I’m not up on my gaming by any stretch of the imagination. I haven’t played this new crap because I stick boobs in tiny people’s mouths and blog. So enter in the new Bioshock game… um yeah. What the heck is this? P.S. I’m about to […]


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