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Corporate Propaganda & Factory Farming

Saw this in the news file today: “Chick-fil-A Has a New Children’s Book Loaded with Propaganda to Conceal the Horrors of Corporate Agriculture” (via Alternet). It’s unfortunately nothing new. I have a few books from when I was a small child that bear the stamp of food lucifer McDonald’s in an attempt to lure me […]

video game throwback: passing the tradition onward

For Christmas my partner and I decided to trick out an old PC for my kid and order one of these awesome USB compatible throwbacks to the Super Nintendo controller. (via Think Geek) Now my baby can get down with emulator games (even though you know this mama kept her SNES console and games in […]

Gender, Race, and Star Trek

Recently I’ve started watching Star Trek the original series on Netflix. One of the first things I noticed when I was watching it was the fact that there is an impressing representation of men and women (i.e. at least 1 woman to every 3 or 4 men) with the women playing supporting roles on the […]

mama whale adopts orphaned calf

In the news recently is a mama right whale who adopted an orphaned calf lurking about the area where she and her little one were hanging out. While we talk often of human mommies and lady stuffs, it’s nice to look outside our species at the charities and sweet instinctual love of mommies from all […]

testing newborns for marijuana?

So it seems that United States hospitals- where else would this happen?!- are testing newborns for marijuana exposure. Aside from being fucking stupid- excuse the language- and a total invasion of privacy, it turns out that the results are fairly inconsistent begging the question: what is causing the false positives for THC and why do […]

you’re okay (but you’re really not)

As parents, it’s hard to watch your child feel sad, mad, frustrated or any emotion that is less than blissful and ecstatic about life. However, it should be wildly apparent by now that even as an infant, it’s pretty much impossible to prevent those bitter experiences from ever happening to your precious growing bundle of […]

abundant thinking for parents (part 2)

This is part 2 of tips for abundant thinking for parents. Try to re-imagine your relationship to money so you can be more successful and happy and teach your children how to relate positively toward their finances. For the previous 10 tips, read: Abundant Thinking for Parents (part 1). 11. Dream big, failure is only […]

abundant thinking for parents (part 1)

Sometimes it takes a reboot of perspective to help us see where we can become better and more attuned to what is important. Possibly the most important area where this can happen is with money and our relationship to it. As anyone raising children can attest, money is an important and necessary aspect of having […]

DIY Baby Wrap

When I was a little girl, my mom used to make everything herself from dolls to clothing and more. As an adult I look back on her craftiness and ingenuity fondly and seek to do more of that myself. While these days my mom and family would rather buy it than make it (or even […]

you don’t want your kids inheriting your money issues, do you?

Sit down for a moment and think about your finances. Are your finances where you want them to be? Are you rolling in tons of green? Are you in debt to the point where you feel crushing financial obligation? Do you feel like you’re making enough at your job? Do you feel like you’re even […]