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kids eat too much salt

Unsurprisingly, American children are eating too much salt says the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) (pdf). As the word has spread round the web, on various news outlets, it seems rather easy to target the risky group of overweight and obese children (isn’t that just terrible to read? it was terrible to write it) but […]


co-sleeping lowers testosterone in daddies

Some more co-sleeping love for ya’ll here with this new study on how co-sleeping lowers testosterone in daddies who do co-sleep (don’t mind the somewhat male-centric lingo @livescience & thanks to Inhabitots for the tip): “…fathers who co-sleep have significantly lower levels of testosterone while sleeping, and a great decline in testosterone during waking hours […]


co-sleep your kid into a healthy weight?

Here’s an interesting article on a preliminary study (he said she said…) recently released on how co-sleeping with your child can reduce the risk of obesity by up to 70 percent! Read the Article here Check out synop on the study here Kids who were already pre-disposed toward being overweight or obese were studied and […]


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