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Ninja Meerkats Book Giveaway

Hello Blogosphere and Interwebs! I’ve got a new giveaway for you all! The Ninja Meerkats Book 1 & 2 giveaway! Yay! You may be asking yourself… what is a Ninja Meerkat? Well, it’s like the Ninja Turtles but they’re meerkats and instead of being on TV, they’re in a book. I had never heard of […]


Corporate Propaganda & Factory Farming

Saw this in the news file today: “Chick-fil-A Has a New Children’s Book Loaded with Propaganda to Conceal the Horrors of Corporate Agriculture” (via Alternet). It’s unfortunately nothing new. I have a few books from when I was a small child that bear the stamp of food lucifer McDonald’s in an attempt to lure me […]


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