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Professor Breastfeeds in class- so what?!

Without getting “too deep” into the ridiculousness of being appalled by boobs, boob-feedings, or bringing your baby to your work when all else fails, here’s what I find grossly ironic: A professor of anthropology breastfed her baby in class. Yeah HI. Do you know what anthropology is? It’s the study of human cultures. You should […]


8 ways to wreck your kid

This is a funny-boo-hoo article on the ways to psychologically mess up your kid via Psych Central. Some sarcasm on the serious topic of how to raise a happy healthy human: For the full article, please read 8 Surefire Ways to Emotionally Screw Up Your Kid. To keep with the sarcasm, here’s a snarky synop […]


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