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This blog was created with the intention that all the diverse woman-centered beliefs and perspectives that I have acquired over the years can bear voice in one place. As a mother, I believe strongly in parenting from a more conscious, community based place. I don’t buy into the mainstream ideas of genderizing and socializing children and frankly, I find it disgusting. Treating children with respect shouldn’t be a revelation. It should be the way things are. We have gotten away from that and awareness needs to be raised.

And I consider myself a feminist. I want women to have equal rights and I want men to respect women and fight alongside us for the same rights that are afforded privileged men and truly, men of all ethnic and racial qualities. I want women who have babies to be treated as more than a “breeder” and “barefoot and pregnant” slut shamed into silence. When you choose to be a parent, it is like you lose your ability to say anything feminist because you became what they all fight against: typical. My reproductive rights, as far as I’m concerned, include breeding especially when it’s unplanned.

I’m a birth activist meaning that I think women should be empowered to make intelligent choices about the most pivotal and meaningful experience of their existence: birth. This is not to say that you fail to be a woman because you choose not to birth, it is to say that if you do choose to give birth that you be afforded the most empowering experience available to you instead of being disempowered by a patriarchal medical system that views “labor and delivery” as an inconvenience and women in “labor” as unpredictable and to be sedated. WRONG. We women deserve so much better because our children deserve better and when we take control of our birth, we take control of our children’s futures and the mental health of the world.

Finally, I don’t believe in buying a bunch of nonsense- I’d rather make it myself. Permaculture, gardening, sewing, and homeschooling are just some of the “radical” declarations that I truly hope to continue building upon and instilling into my family and friends. DIY isn’t just an activity, it is a lifestyle that lets you take control of your life.

Radical though these concepts may seem, they all stem from the basic principles that we all deserve equal treatment of respect. We all deserve acknowledgement and love. And we all truly need to take control of our lives instead of continuing to trust people and corporations that have only their desire for more money driving their influence and decision making.

This blog hopes to chronicle and disseminate activities and consciousness raising inspirations for every parent who seeks a better and happier way to exist.

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