if you can’t trust me with a choice…

“If you can’t trust me with a choice…”
“…How can you trust me with a child?”

I’ve always found this an interesting flaw with the anti-choice movement. If you want people to have babies so badly and believe so strongly that it is murder to terminate a pregnancy, then why wouldn’t you give mothers- especially at-risk, struggling, impoverished mothers- more access to health care, support, and straight up help? Why wouldn’t you promote maternal rights instead of slut-shaming and using the “justice” system to further erode access and privilege to mothers who have made the choice (or “choice” in many parts of this rapidly disintegrating “deMOCKracy”) to have children? It’s truly disturbing to imagine that even should a woman choose to have a child, she is basically left up to the whim and fancy of an institutional structure that is against the best interest of woman and child.

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