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If you’re about to embark on any kind of health journey, a good question to ask yourself is just what is this all about?

Well, in anticipation of your most wild and fantastic inquiries pertaining to the upcoming rad mommy cleanse here are some questions and answers!

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When is your cleanse?
March 25 - April 8th. This is two weeks of cleansing awesomeness!

How much does your cleanse cost?
$50 for one cleanser! You can sign up with a friend and get discounts as well as group rates and more. Just contact me and we can work something out. 🙂

Where do I go for your cleanse?
You get to cleanse from the comfort of your own geographical area where-ever that may be! This cleanse is virtual so anyone can join! 🙂

Why should I do your cleanse over another cleanse? I’ve seen a few and yours isn’t even the cheapest.
I thought long and hard about the price and it’s not the cheapest, but I think the price is fair! Plus, if you contact me, I’d love to offer group discounts, referral discounts, and “sign up with a friend” discounts and even some “affiliate” stuff! Just let me know and I’m truly happy to work with you. 🙂

As for why you should do my cleanse, I have inspired many people to make long-lasting and better changes in their lives. I’ve been doing “behind-the-scenes” work on developing cleanses for other health professionals and finally, I’m taking my knowledge and applying it. Everyone out there is different and hopefully my style vibes with you. At the end of the cleanse, that’s all that really matters- whether or not the person you were cleansing with was someone you felt comfortable and supported by. I hope to be that person for you! As for the rest, I have to let the information and your feelings about it stand for themselves. 🙂

What kind of stuff do I get in this cleanse?
You will receive two daily emails: a topic of interest (a mini essay if you will) about a health-related concern like “food cravings and how to deal with them” and a DIY inspiration with a new suggestion for something to try with over 5 categories on each daily DIY (like recipes, exercise, self-improvement). You will also receive some other information like “cleanse packet” (a welcome sheet amongst other things) to complete a whole booklet by the end of the cleanse (14 days of information). You will have daily email support where everyone can email each other and talk via the “chain” and you’ll have more or less unlimited access to me via email (i.e. whenever I respond which will be as frequent as possible!). All of the information will be yours to keep (of course!) and I will keep in touch after the cleanse is over. 🙂

Where do I sign up?
Please go to the products page and purchase a cleanse! You’ll be directed to PayPal to pay.

What is a CLEANSE?
A cleanse is a brief change in eating habits to help you release toxins. Those toxins can be in the form of junk food you were eating, attitudes and beliefs you were holding, or other habits you were keeping.

Why should I cleanse?
Many people like to use a cleanse as an opportunity to re-set, re-fresh, and re-lease some habits, attitudes, and pounds (junk food) that has accumulated over time. By taking time to eat healthy, you are taking time for yourself and giving yourself more energy, love, and healthy food to heal with. Healing, energy, and a more vivacious life tend to be motivators for cleansing.

Will I lose a lot of weight?
There is no definite answer to this. Weight loss can be a complicated beast to tackle. Some people may lose weight while others may not. Some of this has to do with the quantity of food you choose to eat, how active you are, how much salt you consume, and how diligent you are to the cleanse diet during the cleanse. There are too many variables for each person to give a definite yes *BUT* with all that said, cleansing does generally release toxins and weight that you don’t need making weight loss possible and real for many cleansers. 🙂

Will I have more energy?
Again, this depends on the individual following the cleanse, but generally the better you eat, the better your body responds. This means that your body will likely have more energy from being nourished with delicious and nutritious foods.

Will my acne clear up?
It’s possible that your acne may clear up, and you might also break out. Sometimes when you are changing your diet for the better, your body will dump a bunch of cell garbage (toxins) and that can be released through the skin causing a temporary break out. However, this is good because ultimately it means you will have more radiant and healthy skin after that brief and temporary break-out. 🙂

I heard cleansing can cure my health concern- will your cleanse do this for me?
I am not a doctor so it would be improper of me to make a promise that my cleanse would cure you- sorry. While I would love to hint that cleansing would help, I think it would be dishonest to say so. A two-week cleanse is inadequate to address serious medical issues. While the information I provide you can help you make healthier choices all around, there is no guarantee that it will do much of anything for medical issues like cancer. If you apply the techniques, recommendations, and lessons of the cleanse over a long period of time, you will find that the quality of your life will be much higher and because you are taking care of your body in many ways, this may aide in your overall healing. However, like I said, aiding in your healing is not the same thing as healing. I still think it’s worth it to cleanse, but I won’t tell you I can do much more than boost your morale, energy, and healthiness. 🙂

Do I have to eat weird vegan foods?
If you’re asking if you’ll have to eat vegetables, then the answer is an enthusiastic YES! If you’re asking if you’ll have to make strange looking vegan delicacies held together by willpower and sorcery, then NO. Unless you like that kind of stuff… in which case- sure! There will be many easy, delicious (IMO) recipes provided for you along with a resource list for vegan cookbooks and websites for you to browse through and find stuff you like.

I don’t want to be vegan forever, I just want to (insert goal here) right now…
Great! You don’t have to be vegan forever! Cutting out some foods now will help you to boost your energy and cleanse but you don’t have to cut them out forever. A cleanse is a temporary change to help you find the long-term changes you desire or to just get back on track with things in a way that makes you feel good. Even if “back on track” means beef and bratwurst, it’s all up to you! For the purposes of cleansing, we believe that a vegan diet helps the body to nourish itself the best when the body has been overburdened with stress and junk food but that doesn’t mean that a vegan diet is best. 🙂

I can’t afford a bunch of organic food- don’t you have to eat organic in order to be healthy?
While I highly recommend eating organic food, I won’t even pretend like that’s the most important part of being healthy. Organic guarantees that you are avoiding insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides (all -icides) that are toxic and harmful to your health and the environment. It also means you’re avoiding genetically modified organisms which are, in my (very watered down for the purposes of this post) opinion, gross and harmful. What that means is that by purchasing organic food you are being lazy in searching for healthy food. You can easily find food that is just as healthy but is not labelled organic at farmer’s markets and elsewhere. Additionally, if the choice is between fresh non-organic food or processed organic food, the fresh food is always better. It is quality over organic. This will be covered more in the cleanse so I hope if you have more questions you won’t let money stop you from making a healthy choice to learn more about food and refresh your lifestyle!

Can you just cook the foods for me?
Wouldn’t that be awesome? It’s not completely out of the question but for the purposes of this cleanse, it is not something that I am providing for everyone. If you want to discuss options for food preparation, please contact me and I can help you set that up after you purchase a spot for the cleanse. 🙂 If you can’t afford to have special food prepared, this is a great opportunity to learn how to make it yourself. When you take control of your food, you take control of your life (really!).

I heard that you can get sick from cleansing? Is this true?
It’s true that you can experience a type of cleansing-induced sickness called detoxification. This is temporary but it does suck and can feel icky. Detoxification means that your body is dumping a lot of cell garbage at once and you feel a little sick. It’s similar to having a hangover (but not nearly as bad) or exercising a lot and feeling a little nauseous or sore.

I want to cleanse but no one else I know will do it with me! My family/friends/kids/co-workers think I’m weird and I’m afraid it will be too hard to maintain such a strict diet.
This is a totally justified fear and it is hard to make changes. However, there are two things that should help you feel inspired to continue! The first is that this cleanse is designed so that you can still have that group support even if you don’t have the support of those around you. There are lots of people cleansing together and when you can read the emails of others or even just receive daily inspiration, this helps to keep you strong and feel connected instead of struggling by yourself out of a book and feeling defeated, dejected, and depressed. Second, YOU CAN CHANGE! While others may not immediately change with you, you can set the foundation for positive lifestyle changes by being the change. It sounds cheesy but it’s really true. When those around you see how you’ve transformed, they will start to ask you the questions. 🙂


Hopefully this handy FAQ answered your questions! For more information, check out our other cleanse guides or contact us with your question!

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