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spring cleanse!

It’s that time of year when the snow melts, the rain stops and flowers start blooming, the animals have their babies and rejuvenation after a long winter starts kicking in!

It’s also what many like to affectionately call “spring cleaning!”

Spring cleaning generally conjures up the image of a massive overhaul of dusty corners, dirty dishes, grimy carpets, old toys… a total purge of the old to embrace the new.

cleanallthethings-550x412And tons of people get down with cleaning and feel great about it! But lots of people forget that their body is a home as well and cleaning out all those dusty corners of your cellular playground can feel just as good.

So after a nice festive holiday season, new year’s resolutions, and what may have come your way, that precipitous time of year called Spring is another opportunity to put the pep back in your step and get to accomplishing your health goals.


Accomplishing your health goals- losing some weight, gaining some energy, clearing up your skin, being happier, etc.- are also part of accomplishing your personal growth goals like making better money, having a relationship, being more punctual or whatever your goal may be.

When you look good, you feel good.
When you feel good, you do good.

When you make a commitment to yourself and follow through, you are empowered to do anything! You know you can follow through. You know you can venture out and do bold new things. You begin to approach life differently and you can open up and be successful in new ways that can help you accomplish what you’ve been trying to accomplish. A cleanse is an easy way to accomplish all of those things: a short, timed commitment with support that makes you feel refreshed and healthy.

Look good, feel good, do good!

If you’re a mommy like me, taking time to cleanse is giving yourself a little extra TLC so you can continue to do the best parenting job you can! It’s really important to be in tip top shape with little ones. How can you function when you’re sick, tired, irritable, drowsy, hungry, and all else? It’s really much easier to be a good parent when your physical body is on par with your kids. When you don’t feel like you’re climbing Mt. Everest just to get the energy to play CandyLand or sit at the park, you can really give a lot more.

Cleansing helps boost your energy and get your eating habits back on track (because it’s so much easier to eat whatever is left on your kid’s plate, shove cookies in your face when no one is looking and you’re starving, skip meals, survive off entirely too much sugar and caffeine to get through the day…) but it’s not making you feel good. Eating healthy and taking care of yourself is setting an excellent example for your kid/s. They will watch you taking care of your health and be inspired to do the same. Especially if you’ve established poor eating habits over the years, taking these kinds of steps forward really helps you build the solid foundation for change.

Well, with all this talk of a cleanse, it will be helpful to explain what a cleanse is and is not.

What a cleanse IS NOT:
Cleansing has a pretty popular reputation these days with many celebrities partaking in some sort of cleansing regime. Lots of celebrities can be seen dining at vegan and raw restaurants and some are staunch advocates against animal cruelty while others speak about their crazy cleanses to lose weight or get in shape. Celebrity cleansing, while entertaining and probably effective in the short term with guidance and thousands of dollars to make sure they’re doing it right and safely enough, is not this kind of cleanse. You will not lose significant amounts of weight (or any weight at all), you will not become as fabulous as Beyonce because you’re cleansing (because you already are as fabulous as Beyonce- duh!) and you’re not going to like, shed your old skin and become a younger-looking perfect but better clone of yourself. All that stuff happens over time with diligence and mindfulness. This cleanse is to help you get to a point where you feel empowered to make good choices for yourself whether that is to continue doing what you have always done or try something new.

Most cleanses are this way: a short reset to get you back on track. While some people may lose a lot of weight and have amazing results, the truth is people have many different experiences on a cleanse depending on their general level of health, exercise, food choices and the like. Breaking food habits can feel like breaking up with a romantic partner- the cravings, irritability, moodiness, and all of it can be experienced but we’re generally not in tune with that enough to make the connection. In other words, giving up junky foods like sugar can totally feel like giving up your sweet lover and your body sometimes goes through the same things! This is why cleansing can be amazing but also give you unexpected feelings that don’t always produce Hollywood results immediately.


What a cleanse IS:
A cleanse is an opportunity to start to change yourself for the best, improve your eating habits that may be problematic, to get out of a rut, to try something new while letting go of things that no longer serve you anymore. Just like a “spring cleaning” for your house, you’re releasing all those negatives and only putting in the best things to your body so you can feel and be your greatest! Imagine you’re ripping out the stained and dirty old carpet and installing some new eco-friendly hardwood floors instead. A cleanse is like that for your body! Instead of continuing to eat unhealthy and unsatisfying foods that make you sluggish and irritable, you eat healthier and satisfying foods that boost your mood and energy. Simple!

Now lots of people are starting food and fitness programs all the time and doing cleanses- it seems like literally anyone with any interest in healthy eating and living leads a cleanse or something like it at least once in their health minded career. Despite having lots of options for cleansing, not many are family focused, beginner friendly, or bank account minded. I try to provide you with all the tools you need to be successful long-term. Once you feel how great your body and mind feel after cleansing, you’ll want to continue to make healthy choices! The information I give you in this cleanse is the foundation that I think best suits a healthy lifestyle and will help you get to the point of health that feels right for you!


What Comes With This Cleanse?

Daily Emails! — Everyday you’ll get an email with a different topic of health included- a “Topic of Interest” for the day! This will help you to learn a little more about your body and the things that lead you to feeling tired, craving junk, and how to make healthier choices. Some topics are food cravings, sugar, and exercise. There will be 14 total- one for each day of the cleanse.

Group Support! — This cleanse is all done virtually. These emails will be sent to a list of everyone signed up to participate so that you can get to know other people going through the same thing as you. Any questions you have can be mailed to the list of people signed up so you can get a variety of encouraging responses and learn many new things. Maybe you’ll even make some new friends! *** OF COURSE… If you prefer to not be identified on the cleanse list, you can always specify to be Blind Copied (BCC) so that your email does not show up but you can still engage with the group email. Please specify this when you order or receive your materials so that there is no accidental confusion. ***


Recipes! — Whether you have a solid kitchen set up with a Vitamix or Blendtec blender, juicer, and more or you are just living off the hot plate and microwave, there are a variety of recipes to help you find delicious and healthy recipes that you can make! There are so many good recipes out there but sometimes they require equipment that is difficult to afford. There are more great recipes out there that are just difficult to prepare. And then there are the easy recipes which are terrible and make you wonder why you stopped eating good (tasting) food on this “healthy” kick. Well, these recipes are different but tasty and easy to make. They’ve been kid and non-healthy-eater tasted and approved. Hopefully you’ll like them as much as the “focus groups” (i.e. my friends and family).

Daily DIY: In addition to a daily Topic of Interest, you’ll also get some inspirations on something new to try each day like an activity, a food, an exercise and others. While these are all optional, at the end of the cleanse you’ll have 14 new things in each category that you’ll have tried or a handy guide to go back to when you’re ready to try new things!


Sarah Support: That’s a fancy way to say, Sarah (me) will answer your questions and help you find answers if you have them. You’ll be able to count on my assistance and personal response to you. 🙂

This cleanse is designed so that you can have the most personal experience possible, while on your schedule, as much or as little as you want to cleanse. I agree that doing things in person is more fun, but it can be difficult to maintain the level of intimacy and support that doing things through email allows! Even while you’re working full time and coming home exhausted, there are emails coming to you throughout the day helping to keep you inspired and on track with what you hope to accomplish without the added burden of feeling obligated to respond, to show up somewhere, to perform for anyone but you! And since you have “Sarah Support” (cheesy title but super concise way to explain it), you’ll still get the personal element of communication that helps make doing things in person so fun!

I hope you’ll join me and others on this health journey!

More questions that haven’t been answered? Head on over to the contact us page and get in touch!

Ready to sign up? Go to our store and purchase yourself this two-week cleanse for better health!

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