metal gear rising

So the new game in the PS3 is Metal Gear Rising.metalgearrising

If you’re a fan of the MG series, you’ll probably love this action-packed, story-rific continuation of the other games. If you’re not, whatever then. You’re not.

I have to admit, while I’m a huge fan of gaming, I haven’t played a single MG game and have no idea how awesome or not awesome they are. So far, I have had the following thoughts:

Lightning Bolt? Like FF Lightning and MG Lightning… like they could be twins Lightning?
picture credit due here

But wait.. he goes by Raiden? Like MK Raiden? Nice.

Let’s fruit ninja our way through this game like pros.

And then he slices a car…
And I’m like… what? Like in the packet?! (at the 1:09 mark :))

And then he gets called cold hearted… ’cause he’s being pretty unemotional about slicing evil dudes. But… lest we forget. He probably is cold hearted…
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Then Raiden meets the AI…

and I got bored and ate noodles. I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts.

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