Baby Wearing in Parliament for the win!

How exciting is this? Italian parliament member, Licia Ronzulli brought her 6 week old daughter to work in a baby sling!EURonzulli

Because why not? I have to wonder why most office jobs like this one that require little to nothing resembling unsafe baby-wearing or baby-being-present conditions can’t be done with … a baby! The idea that kids are a hindrance to working life is nonsense! As a mother, I want more working conditions to be baby and kid friendly. It’s lame that women, mommies, daddies are not allowed to bring their kids to work and instead must either sacrifice their careers or income for child care (whether that is staying at home or a daycare environment). It’s also too bad that people refuse to see how children can actually enhance the working environment by either challenging individuals to work harder or smarter or just adding a tone of friendliness and compassion- none of which are undesirable traits even for business.

As a mom who wants to take her baby to work, I love this. And as an instructor (yoga instructor) who has let parents bring their kids to class and made a more challenging (“hardest class ever” I was told) yet kid friendly experience, I am happy more people let this happen.

But it doesn’t stop there! Just like a career evolves over time, children grow and Ronzulli continues to bring her daughter to parliament growing the role of a working mom with her! Not only is this mama an inspiration to women everywhere, but she is certainly an amazing role model for her daughter. Kudos for this mama. I especially love her daughter voting alongside her mama- primed for power from birth! And all thanks to a simple sling and a mom who wouldn’t put baby in a proverbial corner. 🙂


File this under F-k! Yeah Baby-wearing & Radical Parenting! 🙂

(Images courtesy of <a href=”” target=”_blank”>UK Mirror</a> & <a href=”” target=”_blank”>UK Guardian</a>)

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