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domestic violence

coffee makes me wistful

In a former life, I used to drink coffee and sit in cafes until I literally couldn’t stand it any longer or had somewhere else to be. I would just write and write while listening to music through my headphones or perhaps indulging in the background chatter of the shop absolutely infatuated with my anonymity […]


Halloween Girls vs Halloween Boys

Sure it’s a cute cartoon meant to poke fun at the slutty-whatever-for-Halloween trend, but it’s pretty true that the selection for girls’ costumes and Halloween wear is rather feminine, totally gender-biased, and well lends itself to objectification. As if this costume has anything to do with the my little pony it’s based on especially when […]


guy goes through fake labor

I LOVE this. It’s hard to explain labor to anyone who hasn’t gone through it, but hey, validation for the experience is validation. Even though labor isn’t supposed to be painful like the media makes it out to be (pain is usually an indication of something else like fear, anxiety, or complications), it’s very cool […]


children of hoarders

I have watched a few of those Hoarders shows and seen the kids that are stuck within the cluttered walls of hell their parents devolved in to. I always wondered what happened to those kids- when it gets that extreme, how do they cope? It reminds me of knowing that children of overweight parents are […]


chris brownout

Thanks to Bitch! for the lovely note on how to block the hell out of total douche Chris Brown. From their story (link above): If you’re tired of seeing his stupid face in your news feed and no longer want to hear about how he’s turned domestic violence into a marketing ploy or how Dr. […]


ya’ll gonna make me lose my mind

needlepoint can be fun! And why shouldn’t it be? 🙂 For your craft-time listening (in case good ole DMX didn’t start playing in your head immediately):


beyond baby mamas: conversations with women of color

Here’s an interesting concept via a nifty blog by Stacia L Brown on being a single mother of color in America. With the slut-shaming that many women (especially those who wind up single) are subjected to with the burdens of being “of color” in a predominantly white, heterosexist, and patriarchal culture, this should be an […]


pacifiers can stunt emotional growth of boys

For the “well I’ll be damned” story of the week, here’s a fun one from science daily talking about how “heavy pacifier use” among boys can stunt emotional growth! If you’ve ever had a child, you might have watched as they sat and made faces in a play mirror or copied the expressions on your […]


kids eat too much salt

Unsurprisingly, American children are eating too much salt says the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) (pdf). As the word has spread round the web, on various news outlets, it seems rather easy to target the risky group of overweight and obese children (isn’t that just terrible to read? it was terrible to write it) but […]


Professor Breastfeeds in class- so what?!

Without getting “too deep” into the ridiculousness of being appalled by boobs, boob-feedings, or bringing your baby to your work when all else fails, here’s what I find grossly ironic: A professor of anthropology breastfed her baby in class. Yeah HI. Do you know what anthropology is? It’s the study of human cultures. You should […]


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