F**K Yeah! Babywearing!

Here’s where we ode to baby-wearing!

While the term is a bit off, in our opinion (the term seems to objectify and accessorize a tiny adorable person), the practice of keeping baby close in a carrier is an ancient and effective way to bond with baby! While it’s becoming increasingly popular and visible, there are still many people that don’t know about babywearing, how to do it properly, or what to look for in a carrier. While we thought we might provide all this information, there’s so much good information out there that we don’t need to re-do what’s already been done wonderfully. However, this blog will hopefully act as a starting point for those of you interested in baby wearing and getting more information about it. :)

F-K Yeah BabyWearing Back Story!

Sarah (of Radical Madre) Babywearing Story: When I had my first son over 5 years ago, I didn’t know much about motherly duties, birth, or babywearing. Somehow I found my way into a Baby Bjorn via a shopping trip at Babies R Us. While I’ve heard lots of reviews on Baby Bjorn that are mixed since my Bjorn days, it was my literal favorite baby-related purchase at the time! Wearing my son while I did chores, made food, and went everywhere was fun for both of us! Until that point I had been using a stroller- one of those huge clunky Graco strollers- and the baby carrier was a welcome change!

Now here I am with a second baby and I’m discovering a whole community dedicated to babywearing! I’m seeing it everywhere from the blogs to the park and it’s so exciting! I’ve been trying different wraps and carriers with the little one this time around as I’ve found there are at least 100 different kinds of companies creating beautiful slings, wraps, and soft and hard carriers. Second baby is also completely different from his brother creating an entirely new set of circumstances to appreciate babywearing like difficulty digesting foods, being a bit colicky, wanting to be held much more often than his brother (I’ve heard the term “Velcro Baby”) making a baby carrier a total gift from heaven.

Baby Wearing Contents

These two very different experiences- both with highly positive results- have really shown me how important access to carriers and information about carrying baby with a pack can be! Well, I thought since it’s so amazing to me, what better way to share my obsession than with a corner dedicated entirely to baby-wearing?

Check out the links and pages below for more info!


check here for links and basic tutorials on how to wear common carriers as well as what exactly babywearing is and how its beneficial for baby and mommy (or daddy!)


Ever wondered what kind of wrap, sling, or carrier you should get but not entirely sure what brand? Well, here’s a list (it will be updated to reflect changes or additions in companies since the time of creation.


Your link zone for great resource sites and any interesting news or articles. :)


Don’t you know it?! When I have a cool product to show you or send your way, I can’t wait to share it!

Enjoy! And carry that baby!




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